My opinion on the health topic

Many of us want to be healthy only after we experienced pains from illness in our body. I seldom thought of eating healthy food or doing exercises to stay healthy, when I was a lot younger. I thought of exercises were necessairy only to prepare for a race. Now that I'm getting older I've started to feel the need to compete against my own aging body before I can no longer move. Here are a few messages I like to share with others or to remind myself at least.


We don't really need to be told how to breath for if we don't breath, we will die. However, there seems to be a method to properly breath and get the most of the oxygen our body needs. Some people practice breathing religiously and others perform different kinds of inhaling and exhaling. I'm still get confused whether I should inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth during bedtime or just breath through my mouth like in swimming.


Drink a glass of warm water in the morning and several glassses during the day when possible.


Enjoy your meal just enough so that you can try to stop when you are no longer feel hungry. I learned this from my own son.


Go to sleep when you are tired and let your body wake up naturally if possible, my wife taught me after she learned from Dr. Jemiolo from Vassar College.


We need to move our body parts to insure our daily bowel movements. A trail angel we crossed path in Feifong Shan taught us three movements.